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Professionals also go “green”!

Offering significant advantages in terms of energy performance as well as aesthetic, vegetated surfaces are increasingly interfering, over the years, in the heart of the urban landscape.

Being highly related to sustainable development, this concept, whose beginnings had already emerged in the 17th century, is a real alternative to the shortage of green spaces encountered throughout France.

The vegetated surfaces make it possible to give life to unoccupied spaces and transform the habits of occupation of the places of life by offering original plant decorations.

Being able to be arranged both indoors and outdoors, they are perfectly suited to medium or large areas.

While many individuals opt for the greening of their walls or their roofs, it is an alternative that is also addressed today to professionals. The company VERTIGE has indeed developed an innovative process to transform the business premises into real “gardens”.

The benefits of greening surfaces (walls and roofs) for professionals are not lacking.

In addition to greatly improving the atmosphere – in the case of companies for example – thanks to the visual comfort provided by these solutions, you can also achieve real savings in terms of energy.

Indeed, thanks to the zone of freshness created by the different layers composing these vegetated surfaces, the thermal insulation of the buildings is clearly improved and consequently allows to lower the temperature of the premises.

Moreover, as the plants can absorb the sound waves, the employees of a company are not disturbed by the noise and can concentrate on their work in a calm environment.

The green walls are therefore perfectly integrated into the work environment and they help employees to feel better. By providing oxygen, they also improve the quality of the air, which is a significant benefit when we know how polluted certain urban areas are.

We are now talking about “planting the plant in a vertical way”.

Be it companies, shopping malls and public facilities, these ecological facilities can be installed on any type of construction to answer to a more and more important need of the citizens to have more green spaces in town. The revegetation of surfaces thus appears as an excellent alternative to put nature at the heart of all the issues linked to urbanization.

With more than ten years of expertise, VERTIGE has developed a patented process that is also permanently improved and guaranteed under contract. All the specificities related to implementation, maintenance and irrigation have also been designed to be the most comfortable and easy to use.

Examples of rates :

Roof : 40 to 50 euros per sqm

Wall : 500 to 700 euros the sqm

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