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Green walls and roofs : a concept that attracts more and more individuals

Today at the heart of many urban planning projects, the greening of buildings gives nature a place in the heart of urban spaces.

The revegetation market has continued to grow in recent years, contributing to the integration of sustainable development in the construction sector. We even talk now of “eco-urbanism”.

It must be said that this concept has many advantages, both for the environment, but also for people wishing to implement it within their own living space. Individuals who have already opted for the installation of green walls or roofs at home claim that they have greatly contributed to the improvement of their living environment.

Also known as “living walls” or “living roofs”, green walls and roofs are now considered as decorative elements in their own right, presenting, as a bonus, particularly interesting thermal and acoustic performances.

With VERTIGE, you will place nature at the heart of your home

Specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of green walls and roofs, VERTIGE has developed an innovative process to realize all your greening projects.

Suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces, this revegetation process contributes to the development of biodiversity and greatly improves the insulation of buildings (plants that absorb sound waves).

Indeed, beyond the aesthetic aspect brought by those who are now called “vertical gardens”, they are also anti-pollutants, sustainable and evolving. The system, operating through honeycomb modules, promotes the root development of plants thanks to a large volume of substrate.

But the walls are not the only elements of your home to benefit from this solution. Indeed, thanks to the VERTIGE process, you can also opt for the green roof. More and more widespread in the city, the role of the latter has far exceeded that of simple structure protection.

Vegetated, the roof is now considered and used as a living space in its own right.

Equipped with an irrigation system that is easy to use and can work autonomously, VERTIGE solutions also benefit from a maintenance contract for weeding, fertilizer application, verification of the irrigation network and the supply of substrate if necessary.

As an individual, you benefit from all the advantages and the guarantee of a quality service, adapted for your small and medium spaces. Developed in partnership with CDC Biodiversité – a subsidiary of Groupe Caisse des Dépôts dedicated to action for biodiversity – the VERTIGE process is fully endorsed for its design, construction and maintenance.

With more than ten years of expertise, the VERTIGE process is today patented with permanent improvement and guaranteed under contract.

Examples of rates :

Roof : 60 to 80 euros per m²
Wall : 500 to 700 euros the m²

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