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Green roofs

Green roofs from Vertige technology contribute to the concept of “Living better together”, which aims to strengthen social cohesion around similar values to preserve climatic and biological balances.

At a time when urban spaces are more and more linked to stress, noise and pollution, green roofs are part of a context of sustainable development, in favor of ecology and the preservation of the environment.

Patented, innovative and of French origin, “ready-to-use” green roofs are aimed at both individuals and professionals and promise to bring many benefits in terms of quality ifestyles, energy consumption or aesthetics.

How does it work ?

Vertige’s green roofs are part of an eco-citizenship and biodiversity initiative. Integrated in the heart of urban spaces, they aim to bring fauna, flora, dynamism and greenery to the gray, dull and monotonous color of the city.

The Vertige concept has been created for all types of small and medium-sized buildings, with a slope of between 0 and 20%. It has been studied and adapted specifically for light-roofed infrastructures: the maximum water saturation weight is only 57kg / m² with a water retention capacity of 40.7L / m².

Easy to install, Vertige’s green roofs are implemented directly on small and medium-sized horizontal surfaces via a carpeting process.

Upon receipt of the support, a first layer called “drainage mat” is placed. It aims to ease the flow of rainwater and to prevent the insulation of the roof (the roof can be damaged due to stagnant water). Then comes the water retention mat that will create a rainwater tank and the irrigation mat that will automatically water, using a sensor, the entire Vertige installation, thus removing all the constraints related to the watering of the aerial garden.

The last layer is the carpet of pre-cultivated plants. You can select your floral combination, we will nevertheless favor live plants resistant to thermal shocks and extreme temperatures.

While they have à certain ecological impact, green roofs also bring a new aesthetic value to the city and enhance homes by integrating greenery in the greyish architecture of buildings. Apart from their aesthetics, green roofs have a powerful social impact: they help to make the living environment less stressful and calmer by bringing balance and harmony between urban planning and nature.

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