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FAQ : We answer your questions

Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about implementing a green roof before, during and after the operation. Ask yourself the right questions, we have the answers!

Most asked questions by our customers

  • What are the extreme tolerated temperatures for vegetables ?

    The plants we use are resistant to extreme temperatures from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C. This resistance guarantees the sustainability of your installation.

  • For what type of roof ?

    Our process can be applied to all types of roofs (tiles, concrete, ribbed steel sheets, wood and panels), up to a maximum slope of 20%. These green roofs can also be laid on light structures because, even in a case of water saturation, they do not weigh more than 57 kg /m² (3 times lighter than the competitors).

  • What solutions for slopes that are greater than 20% ?

    The Vertige system can also be installed on slopes greater than 20% (up to 45%) thanks to fastening systems validated by a control office.

  • What maintenance should I expect once my installation is completed ?

    The green roof requires little maintenance, sedum is a very resistant type of plants that regenerates naturally and does not require mowing. We offer maintenance contracts (3 visits per year) at a lower cost. Note: the roll system allows easy access to sealing in case of repair.

  • What happens in hail ?

    Revegetation limits the devastating effects of hail thanks to its structure. It can lower your insurance premium on the risks of hail.

  • What happens in case of fire ?

    The Vertige process limits the progression of fires. Indeed, a damp layer on the roof does not stop a fire but can slow down its speed of progression.

  • What happens during thunderstorms ?

    In case of very heavy rains, green roofing is like a sponge and absorbs up to 41 liters of water per sqm. During severe thunderstorms, it can then reduce the saturation of the sewerage networks by ensuring a rainwater regulation by retention and capping.

  • What is the phonic impact ?

    The use of the Vertige plant carpet provides real acoustic comfort by reducing external noise (noise reduction up to 8 decibels) and reducing the sound problems of large roof surfaces. It is a very effective solution especially near airports or in very dense urban environments, or for buildings located next to roads or bridges.

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