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The concept of green roofs

Specially designed for horizontal surfaces with slopes of less than 20% inclination, Vertige green roofs are ready-to-install. The installation is fast and requires no modification of the current roof. The installation is done only with drainage, retention and irrigation mats, on which the sedum carpet will lie. Hence, you will end up with a nice aerial garden.

It’s a smart and autonomous concept, hence you will have no maintenance or watering to perform. The watering of plants is done naturally and automatically thanks to the water retention tanks (with a capacity of 40.7L per square meter) and the irrigation system installed in the Vertige installation.

Thanks to this innovative concept (made in France) you can benefit from significant energy savings in summer, better thermal insulation, more sustainable roof waterproofing and much more aesthetic surfaces (thanks to all the available floral options)

What about green walls ?

When the surface is vertical or with an inclination greater than 20%, Vertige also provides a solution and another type of installation will have to be considered.

In order to customize your walls with fauna and flora, you will be able to set a cellular system directly on walls and slopes. Each cell is designed to accommodate up to about 4L of substrates and allows plants to grow in optimal conditions.

The installation of a vertical garden can be done indoors or outdoors, whether you are an individual or a professional. In addition to the aesthetic appearance you will get, it will also serve as excellent sound insulation by reducing external noise. And that’s not all ! In times of high heat and in the same way as for green roofs, the wall of plants will cool the air and thus reduce the energy consumption of your home.

Do you want to customize a rounded column-like surface with plants ? It is also possible. Same as with traditional vertical surfaces, these are circular cells that you can set on an aluminum frame. The frame will wrap the whole surface.

Vertige’s green roofs and vertical gardens can grow different kinds of plants: succulents, ferns, mosses and tropical plants, or even more aromatic plants.

Ready to give a soul to your home or your professional building ? Ready to do something more for the preservation of the environment?

Our experts are waiting for you!

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