The benefits of a green wall 2018-04-11T14:16:46+01:00

The benefits of a green wall

  • Aesthetic : this green touch is undeniably pleasing to the eye. It also allows to hide an unsightly wall. By fully exploiting the space in a small garden or in a courtyard, it also fosters the green side of the place.
  • Anti-pollutant : green walls help filter fine particles. They lower the level of carbonic gases and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) by capturing them. The gases released by traffic (outside), glues, solvents and synthetic materials (inside) are thus greatly reduced.
  • Insulation : the soundproofing and thermal insulation of a green wall is efficient since a layer of air is present between the metal frame and the wall of the frame. The green walls protect both from cold and noise.
  • Evolutive : the vertical garden offers the opportunity to contemplate flowering processes or to add as it please species, whether outdoors, in a living room, or in a bathroom …
  • Soothing : the vertical outdoor garden allows you to hear the sound of the wind in the leaves, the birds singing, and to see the butterflies twirl.
  • Durable : green walls increase the life of the walls and their fire resistance. They also reduce the amount of runoff.
  • Saving energy : they reduce the energy bill thanks to their insulating qualities.
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